Best BIO degradable cleaning solution

Do something good not only for your boat, but also the environment.

Buy Spuma Maris
  • Teak

  • Gelcoat

  • Glass & Metal

Top 7 items

Every yachtman needs on his boat

• Bucket - to hold all the items in place
• Brush
- for hard to remove dirt
• Sponge
- for windows and plastic
• Polishing towel
- for shiny finish
• Broom
- for your teak decks
• Glooves
- to keep your hands safe
• Spuma Maris
- for any situation!

Protects ozone

Protects ozone – no CO2. Being organic does not mean less effective, as it removes even stubborn dirt, such as black rain marks, exhaust fumes, oil, grease and much more.

  • Shake

    Shake before use

  • Spray

    Spray on the surface to be cleaned

  • Wait

    Allow to react for about 1-3 min.

  • Brush

    Wash the surface with a sponge or brush

  • Rinse

    Rinse with clean water

  • Degarades in 10 days

  • Makes cleaning easier

  • Gentle but powerful