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Biological cleaning products

Biological, or bacteria based cleaning solutions work in a similar way to probiotic drinks. Probiotic drinks ‘top-up’, or ‘re-populate’ the gut with good bacteria. This re-balances and outnumbers the bad bacteria to help prevent that inner heavy feeling and other symptoms of illness.
Biological cleaning products contain one or more strains of safe, naturally occurring microorganisms, which are mixed with biodegradable surfactants. This bacteria is what does the heavy cleaning, the other ingredients assist but the bacteria is the main worker in this proces. Microscopic living cells are able to consume and degrade a large variety of waste and odour. These microscopic ‘cleaners’ will multiply and continue to work, removing dirt and odour across any surface long after initial application. Using a biological cleaning product is also a great way to reduce environmental impact as well as help keep the user safe from adverse reactions associated with using standard cleaning chemicals. Biological cleaning is very much nature’s way of cleaning.

Marine bio detergent for any surface!

Excellent Bio cleaning product
Active principles that do not destroy the environment that we love - seas and rivers, while giving the expected result. This organic boat cleaner has a particularly high biodegradability (10 days) and is solvent-free.

Do something good not only for your boat, but also the environment.

Protects ozone – no CO2

Our spray cans work with pressurised air without C02, thus protecting the ozone layer and are usable upside down.

Attacks the stain without harming the surface
Does not foam! Excellent washing properties without creating foam. No foam cleaning!

Being organic does not mean less effective, as it removes even stubborn dirt, such as black rain marks, exhaust fumes, oil, grease and much more.


Ecological cleaning agent for effective cleaning of greasy and oily surfaces, without fragrance, ready to use. Made from natural raw materials. Biodegradable when released into nature.